London Camanachd - Camanachd Lunnainn


London Camanachd are London's Shinty Club.


Shinty has a long history in London and thanks to a few dedicated players, the tradition continues.


The Club aims to return to competetive shinty in the future, and also to foster links with other clubs around the world.


Please see our "Contact" page to find out how you can get involved.

Shinty in London - London Camanachd

What is Shinty?

Shinty is a fast paced stick and ball sport where the aim is to score more goals than the opposition.  The stick is traditionally called the caman.


Shinty is a contact sport and shoulder to shoulder tackles are the norm.


The ball may be played in the air and with sides of the stick.  The ball may be controlled with the body or the feet but may not be kicked.


Players may strike an opponent's caman from underneath to prevent them from playing the ball, but may not strike the caman from above.  Players may also block the swing of an opponent's caman to protect themselves and to prevent their opponent from playing the ball.

London Camanachd at the English Shinty Championship in Bristol 29th May 2016

Breaking News:

London Camanachd are pleased to invite you to the London Shinty Festival 2016. Please follow the link for more information:

13331091_823174864486739_5528854245847067943_n London Shinty Festival 2016